Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 MLB Preview, predictions

In previous years, I've written 40 billion word posts outlining each of the divisions in either league and ranking teams from first to worst. This year is different. Given that I am more short on time and less enthused about my White Sox and their chances, I'm resorting to a quick post about division winners. And playoffs. And...that's it.

American League East: Tampa Bay is actually looking like it will be a favorite in this division for a while. Weird. Matt Moore is a stud- remember him.

American League Central: Detroit has the game's best pitcher in Verlander and the best 3-4 in the game with Miggy and Prince Fiedler. Good luck to my Sox, now managed by my FAVORITE player of all-time, Robin Ventura, but Detroit is light years ahead.

American League West: Rangers may be a little better than last year, but the Angels got a lot better with the acquisitions of C.J. Wilson and some guy named Albert. Heard of him? Angels hold off Texas, but Rangers get Wild Card.

National League East: I want to pick Washington so bad. I want to pick Miami so bad. I want to pick Atlanta so bad. Philly's staff is what separates them. Philly is too good, even if Ryan Howard misses half the season. The most exciting division in baseball, however. Ozzie leads a new team into a new stadium with a new brand of baseball? Strasburg's first opening day and Bryce Harper on the way? To much Philly in the end, though.

National League Central: To me, it's looking like St. Louis in first and everyone else tied for 2nd in this division. Someone could surprise, but I think Wainwright's return and the signing of Beltran to relieve some stress left by the departed Pujols gives STL a good shot to repeat. Matheny is a great hire.

National League West: For whatever reason, it seems like the Dodgers are ready to come out and win the division for the first time in a while. Ethier, Loney, and others underachieved last year and will bounce back to join MVP candidate Matt Kemp on offense and Kershaw, the best young pitcher in the game (for reals).

AL: Tampa Bay over Texas, Detroit over Anaheim. Detroit over Tampa Bay.
NL: L.A. over Miami, Philadelphia over St. Louis, Philadelphia over L.A.
World Series: Detroit over Philadelphia. Verlander is MVP, Cy Young, World Series MVP, Vice President of the United States, made a Saint by the Catholic church, and wins Nobel Prize.

There you go. Tigers are for real and they are scary as a White Sox fan especially. Enjoy the season...starts in 30 hours, live from Japan! Yes. Japan.

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